Group Access to OzNet Data Archive
OzNet GROUP ONLY Data Archive



  • This data archive contains data up to the last download and is for GROUP use ONLY. Please do not distribute this link and login details to anyone outside the Monash group.

  • This data set should be acknowledged by including the following reference:

    Smith, A. B., Walker, J. P., Western, A. W., Young, R. I., Ellett, K. M., Pipunic, R. C., Grayson, R. B., Siriwidena, L., Chiew, F. H. S. and Richter, H. (2012) The Murrumbidgee Soil Moisture Monitoring Network Data Set. Water Resources Research, vol. 48, W07701, 6pp., doi:10.1029/2012WR011976

  • Date and time of the data through this site are in AEST without daylight saving.

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Forcing Data

Soil Particle Analysis


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Otherwise, individual sites and recording periods can be downloaded in Excel format from the links below.