This monitoring network has been funded by:
  • The Cooperative Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology, the Australian Research Council (Grants DP0209724 and DP0343778).
  • NASA.
  • Initial site installation and maintenance was funded by the CRC for Catchment Hydrology (old sites) and Australian Research Council Discovery Grant DP0343778 (new sites).
  • Ongoing site maintenance and sensor calibration (new sites) has been funded by Australian Research Council Discovery Grants DP0557543 and DP0879212.
  • Support from the Australian Research Council Network for Earth System Science (ARCNESS) to develop a NetCDF version of the data set together with supporting documentation to facilitate its dissemination to the broader scientific community is also acknowledged.
  • eWater CRC.
  • University of Melbourne, Department of Infrastructure Engineering.
  • Monash University, Department of Civil Engineering.