OzNet Network Data Archive


  • The data provider accepts no responsibility for checking the accuracy of data accessed through this site and therefore makes no representation concerning its completeness, accuracy or its suitability for any particular purpose.

  • This data set should be acknowledged by including the following reference:

    Smith, A. B., Walker, J. P., Western, A. W., Young, R. I., Ellett, K. M., Pipunic, R. C., Grayson, R. B., Siriwidena, L., Chiew, F. H. S. and Richter, H. The Murrumbidgee Soil Moisture Monitoring Network Data Set. Water Resources Research, vol. 48, W07701, 6pp., 2012 doi:10.1029/2012WR011976

  • Date and time of the data through this site are in AEST without daylight saving (UTC+10).
  • Data is made publicly available through this website at the end of each season. A 12 months embargo period is applied. Please contact us if you would like more recent data, providing a description of the scope of your request.

Important Documentation

JAXA variables description

Individual sites and recording periods can be downloaded in Excel format from the links below. Data from soil moisture stations are available in seasons (su: Summer, au: Autumn, wi: Winter, sp: Spring). JAXA data is available on a half-yearly basis (01: Jan to Jun, 07: July to Dec).

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